Update of service fails in ArcGISServer 10.2

Discussion created by Athanasis77 on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by dcoley
We are facing a problem with the dynamic update of map services in ArcGIS Server 10.2. The situation is the following: We have a simple map service that retrieves data (shape files and raster files in ascii format) from an mxd file, with files inside a predefined path, and displays them with a predefined symbology. These data are continuously updated, but the naming of the file remains the same.  We want the service to visualize the updated data when the old files are replaced with new ones. By using the ArcGIS Server 10, the service worked as expected and visualized the new data after restarting the service manually.
However, this is not happening in ArcGIS Server 10.2 and the service still visualizes the ???old??? data, even after their update. What are we doing wrong in the 10.2 deployment? We noticed that during the creation of the service (from ArcCatalog), files are copied in the server in the 10.2 deployment. Does this have any relation?

Our final goal is, after the data have been updated in the predefined folder, to trigger the AGSSOM utility so that the update of the service (and the corresponding visualization) happens automatically. 

Could you please provide any assistance regarding this embarrassing situation?