How to reset HWM in Geodatabase

Discussion created by AmitG on Jan 14, 2014
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Dear All,
I have some problem with reset HWM in Geodatabase. Currently I'm using ArcGIS10.1 and ArcSDE Geodatabase (Enterprise Geodatabase) is oracle 11.2g. After deleting many features (rows) in feature class, the file size is still same as before. I checked the used space in datafile is about 3.5G and actual file size is 7G. I tried to resize the datafile from sqlplus after deleting many rows but still not possible.
- I cleaned recyclebin and dba_recyclebin, but it doesn't work (I have more than 400 feature class in one dataset.)

- I used row enable and shrink space cascade, but the HWM is same.

if any body knows, How to shrink datafiles after deleting millions of row, I would be appreciate the help.