Repeat the modification to a feauture class on other feature classes

Discussion created by xyknewtry on Jan 14, 2014
For a project we have a master polygon layer which is the basis for a few "produced" layers. These "produced" layers may contain some of the original features and fields, and also additional features/fields. Occasionally there is a need to modify a few polygons in the master layer (geometry/attributes), and the same modifications need to be performed on the "produced" layers as well to maintain consistency.

The modifications are most often done in editing sessions (reshaping, splitting, vertices manipulation, attributes updates etc.). I wonder how I should go about and create a tool so the modification to the master layer is somehow "captured" and then automatically applied to the "produced" layers?

The only method I can think of now is to ask the user to select all the polygons that have been modified (well it's already not ideal, since the user may not always perform an accurate selection), then behind the scene those features are exported to a separate feature class, which is then used to Update (geoprocessing tool) the various "produced" layers. The original "produced" layers will need to be deleted, and the output from the Update operation renamed to take the "produced" layer names. I haven't thought it through thoroughly, but another problem I already see is that this will not work if the user deleted a bunch of features. Besides, the modifications are generally very limited, while the feature classes are huge. This approach seems really cumbersome.

Is tapping into the Editor object (which I haven't had any experience dealing with) the way to go? One issue is that all these layers are not in the same geodatabase.