Temporal Rendering of vehical tracks without Tracking Analyst

Discussion created by jay.gregory on Jan 14, 2014
I'm using v3.8 of the JS API trying to visualize movement of two trucks. 
I passed a latest observation renderer into a temporal renderer:
var latestObservationRenderer = new UniqueValueRenderer(defaultSymbol, "deviceID");
latestObservationRenderer.addValue('211000219', new SimpleMarkerSymbol("circle", 12, null, new Color([255, 0, 0])));
latestObservationRenderer.addValue('211000224', new SimpleMarkerSymbol("circle", 12, null, new Color([0, 255, 255])));
var tempRenderer = new TemporalRenderer(null, latestObservationRenderer);

However, this only visualizes the latest observation between the two vehicles, not the latest observation of each vehicle.  In addition, I can't use the track renderer because I don't have tracking analyst and hence can't ascribe the "deviceID" field as trackID. 

So is there any way to do this without tracking analyst.  Will I have to loop through my trucks and create renderers and feature layers for each?