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Copy_Management not working

Question asked by recurvata on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2014 by recurvata
In the code below, I'm not getting any errors, but nothing gets copied either. I added the print statements so that I could verify the values in lst_names do in fact have matches in all_names. Any idea why nothings getting copied? Thanks.

import arcpy  topo_names = r"C:\Users\gkeith\Documents\Projects\GIS\Contours\Topo.gdb\Topo\TopoGrid" name_field = "PageName" from_folder = "F:/LiDAR2013/All Topos/Lidar2012.gdb/"  to_folder = "C:/Users/gkeith/Documents/Projects/GIS/Contours/TempleTopo.gdb/TopoLines/" arcpy.env.workspace = "F:/LiDAR2013/All Topos/Lidar2012.gdb/" lst_names = arcpy.SearchCursor(topo_names, "", "", name_field, name_field) all_names = arcpy.ListFeatureClasses() i = 0  for name in all_names:     print name  print '________________________'  for row in lst_names:     print row.PageName  for row in lst_names:     if row.PageName in all_names:         arcpy.Copy_management(from_folder, to_folder, "")  print 'Done'