Assigning accumulated volumes in pipeline network

Discussion created by cemitten on Jan 14, 2014
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I'm working on finding a way to automate the application of volumes to line segments through a pipeline network.  I'm open to any way of achieving this, be it through the creation of a geometric network or something else.

I've worked with generating a geometric network and using volume as a weight.  This allowed for the tracing of upstream accumulation  at specific points such as the sink or various network junction.  This only partially helps me.  I need the volume through each segment.  I was told that the Trace Geometric Network processing tool might do the trick, but either didn't understand the results it gave me or it simply didn't solve my problem.

I saw some where in the forums about the Attribute Assistant Methods that are a part of ArcGIS for Local Governments and started trying to explore the tools that are a part of that to see if that could help me.  I do not currently have access to the package and  thus can't play with it myself to see what can work.