How to deal with corrupted raster data in arcsde?

Discussion created by gisadminsfa on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2014 by monodh
I have been trying to import Raster data into an ArcSDE 9.3 FGB in MSSQL Server. Due to unknown factors (but probably due to the size of the data and network) this has failed now on 3 occasions leaving me with massive datasets which are corrupt. We are talking about 4 Datasets of around 200gb Each. On the last occasion, I wasn´t aware that the MSSQL Transactional log would grow to the same size as the file I was trying to import (270GB) and had to cancel the copy operation in ArcCatalog due to the hard drive being full.

So now I have massive databases full of corrupt data. I am looking for a solution on how to delete the corrupt files out of the sde databases without corrupting the whole database. ArcCatalog give the error "cannot delete raster" when I try to delete I need to do it from MSSQL Server.

Could anyone tell me how to remove these file from arcsde 9.3?

Thanks for any help,