Quenstions for using "Split" funtion.

Discussion created by stringcy on Jan 14, 2014
Hi, I have some questions for using "Split" function.

Now, I need to have devided numerical map.
So after transfering '.dxf' to '.shp' through 'cad to geddatabase' function, I could get a dataset including five feature class; 'polyline', 'polygon', 'point', 'annotation' and 'multipatch'.
And for getting devided numerical map, I made some polygons using 'create fishnet' function and devided a numerical map through 'split' function.
And then I can devide 'polygon', 'polyline' and 'point'.

But I can't devide 'annotation' and 'multipatch'.

Here is my questions.

1) How can i devide 'annotation' through 'split' function? I need a same result with polyline, polygon and point.

2) And after devide annotation, How can i unite related information between 'point', 'polygon' or 'polyine' and 'annotation'?

3) If i can't get a result with 'split' function or there are better methods to get devided numerical map, What are the other methods?

I really need your help.!!