Weighted Overlay with one value

Discussion created by hatless on Jan 14, 2014
I am currently doing a project and I am not sure whether using weights in raster calculator or using the weighted overlay tool is the best option. 
My situation is this: I am proposing site suitability for a business localised within a region. Within this region, there are several small areas. Broadband access varies across the region - some small areas with >12Mb others >25MB. These small areas with the respective 12 or 25mb broadband have been normalised in a raster (1,0). There is one small area in the region with access to 25MB and several smaller areas littered around the region with access to 12MB. Essentially, when I proposing my site, I want the 25MB small area favoured over the 12MB areas - in other words, the closer to the 25MB area the better. (Within this project, I have many other criteria for the site so it might not exactly fall within the 25MB area. That's why I want it the closer the better).

If anyone could be any help, it would be immensely appreciated.