Field values not showing properly when adding XY coordinate data as a layer

Discussion created by cfan2 on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2014 by jimcousins
Hi, I tried to use Arc Catalog to add a X and Y table (CSV file) as a layer to ArcMap to make a point shapefile. The input CSV file and output table in ArcGIS did not look the same. My input field has a variable named StdError, which is the standard error for X and Y coordinates. In the ArcMap attribute table, two fields StdError_X_ StdError_Y_ are automatically generated by ArcGIS and all the fields after StdError take on values that belong to some other fields including the X and Y cooridnate values. I checked for format error in the input table, but could not find any mistakes. Besides, why do Arc Catolog create two new output variables when I did not ask it to.

I eventually solved the problem by deleting the StdError variable, which seemed to be the trouble-maker in the original CSV table. Now the StdError is not included in the output table and all the rest of the fields show properly. Can anyone give me some ideas of why this
happens and how I could still keep the StdError field without have the problem? Thanks!