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How to set hyperlink in a Popup window/InfoTemplate

Question asked by steven.lzhou on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by steven.lzhou
I need to set up an InfoTemplate as the following:
var plantId = new InofTemplate("My Popup Window", "${*}" ); plantId = setContent(getTextContent);  function getTextContent(graphic) {           var htext = graphic.attributes.plantWeb_URL;                 return "<a target='_blank' href="{htext}">Click the Hyper Link to See the Web</a>"; }

The variable plantWeb_URL is a esriFieldTypeString parameter from a feature layer I created, it is url string.  I need the hyperlink href to read the variable, so that when users click the text, it will direct the web according to the specific url from plantWeb_URL. 

But it seems herf has to be followed by a specific webpage, like when href =  Can I let it read from a variable representing different url address? Thanks!