Finding Drive Time

Discussion created by deleted-user-yA_w_FC9FKe5 on Jan 13, 2014
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I have ArcGIS 10.2 with Network Analyst installed and turned on.  What I would like to do is create a drive time around 7 points of 300 minutes (don't ask why ;-(   I would then like to find all store locations that fall within this drive time distance.  Should be simple right. 

I signed up for my ArcGIS online entitlement service so that I could use there network analysis service to do this.  Mainly because I was failing miserably trying to figure out how to create my own and do not have a streets dataset to really get started.

So can someone help me figure out how to do this?  I don't even see a drive-time tool inside the Network Analyst Toolbox.  I also have spatial analyst if that helps at all.  Both of my extensions are pretty greyed out at the moment even though I did the customize/extensions and clicked them on.