What spatial analysis can I do with presence absence point data in a cross sectional?

Discussion created by aionyeahialam on Jan 13, 2014
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I have gathered point data in a cross sectional survey of households which tells you the presence and absence of disease in each households without telling you how many disease cases occur. The idea is to measure households with a burden which is not necessarily translated to disease counts. I want to explore the spatial patterns of these burdens but from what I see of Moran's I or Getis and other spatial statistics tool in ArcGIS, they only deal with continuous data and not favourable for binary presence absence data.

The question I want to answer is "Where are there clusters of disease burdened households?"

is this a possibility with a sample of 435 households in a cross sectional survey?

Could you please advise me if at all I am missing something out on ArcGIS that I could do with my data or if another software/method can deal with my type of data.

Thanks in advance