ArcSDE on a different server than Oracle

Discussion created by dg-radiance on Jan 13, 2014
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I'm having difficulty with this.

I've followed the installation instructions, but when attempting to start SDE I get an error:
"Operation Failed, Unable to start iomgr."

ArcSDE is installed on a RHEL 6.4 machine, which uses xinetd rather than inetd as it's service daemon. Adding the service requires slightly different steps as compared to with inetd.

in /etc/xinetd.d/ I created esri_sde which contains

service esri_sde
        disable = no
        socket_type = dgram
        wait = yes
        server = /opt/test/sde/sdeexe102/bin/sderemote
        server_args = iomgr_inetd
        user = sde
        protocol = udp
        type = INTERNAL
        id = time-dgram

/etc/xinetd.d itself was edited to contain

/etc/services was edited to contain esri_sde and port number.

I am not clear on the contents of the dbinit.sde file

The following is example information copied from http://help.arcgis.com/en/geodatabase/10.0/admin_cmds/support_files/serveradmin/sdemon.htm

set ORACLE_HOME=/bluebeard/oracle
set ORACLE_SID=ora
set LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib:/bluebeard/oracle/lib:/bluebeard/oraexe/sdeexe91/lib

What is the value of ORACLE_HOME?
Oracle is not installed on the same machine as SDE. There is no ORACLE_HOME for this machine.

Any suggestions?