Can I attach other events to a map?

Discussion created by nobleach on Jan 10, 2014
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I need to attach either a double-tap/click or a long press to a map that I'm using on a mobile device. Currently double-clicking is not supported on mobile devices. I can include doubleTap.js but it won't attach to a map:

var pick = on(map, 'dbltap', function(evt) {
            var latLng = webMercatorUtils.xyToLngLat(evt.mapPoint.x, evt.mapPoint.y);
            var location = {};
            coords = {
              latitude: latLng[1],
              longitude: latLng[0],
            var locationInfo = {
              point: evt.mapPoint
            topic.publish('location-picked', locationInfo);

Dojo provides a gestures library in DojoX, but it also will not work when trying to attach a listener to a map.

on(map, tap.hold, function(e){//does not fire})

The API states a bunch of events that the map object honors, but I need to let a user pan, zoom and then double-click/press and hold to get a point. I've asked a similar question below, but I just need to know if we are completely limited to the events offered.