Spontaneous Archiving?

Discussion created by MLF on Jan 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by MLF
Hello!  I recently copied (ArcCatalog right-click > Copy > Paste) three feature classes from my test ArcSDE geodatabase to my production ArcSDE geodatabase.  This is a standard process--there aren't usually any surprises.  This time, however, each of the three feature classes copied into production successfully, and each now has its own archiving (_H) feature class.  I did not Enable Archiving on either the source or destination feature classes.  There are no archiving feature classes in the test environment.  When I right-click > Manage the feature classes, the option to Disable Archiving is greyed-out, but the option to Enable Archiving is available, indicating that Archiving is not enabled.

A last note: archiving tables are not supposed to be visible in ArcCatalog, but rather only from your DBMS manager (in my case, SQL Server Management Studio). But these mystery archiving feature classes are visible in ArcCatalog. 

What is going on?

Thank you!

ArcGIS Desktop v10.2
ArcSDE v10.0