ArcSOC.exe deletes Domain Index from Adds Table

Discussion created by andreaabrown on Jan 10, 2014

Firstly I am using ArcGIS 10.1.  I have a map document which contains a number of Query Layers linking to Views, which relate to Featuer Classes that have been versioned and archived (therefore there are adds and deletes tables).  This map document has been published as a Service and is being used within a Map Viewer.  However the map viewer has started to not display the features relating to the Query Layers.  When the log files are checked the following error message is being returned:-

ORA-13226: interface not supported without a spatial index
ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.MD", line 1723
ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.MDERR", line 8
ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.SDO_3GL", line 1248 13226. 00000 -  "interface not supported without a spatial index"
*Cause:    The geometry table does not have a spatial index.
*Action:   Verify that the geometry table referenced in the spatial operator has a spatial index on it

Within SQL developer on the Adds table (A132) the Domain Index is being dropped causing the above error to occur. A quick fix for this is to unarchive and unversion the feature dataset, then reversion and rearchive and then to rebuild the index within SQL Developer.  It seems that an ArcSoc.exe process is running to re-create this index which works but it then runs it again a few minutes later and fails.

Has anyone any idea why this is happening or what can be done to stop it from occuring?