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Focussing on an area

Question asked by harriettttt on Jan 9, 2014
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I'm very new to GIS, so apologies if this doesn't make the most sense or is a simple question.
I've performed a point density on my map which shows the location of found roadkill carcasses in Wales. It has showed me that there is a high density of roadkill at a point at the top of Snowdonia National Park, which is obviously strange as there are fewer roads but may be due to the higher influx of tourists who find the carcasses. Anyway, I was hoping to create an inset map which focused on this area and showed a closer view of the roads and waterways in the area. I know how to create an inset map but I am unsure where to get the data from,what to use which would show this kind of street view. I haven't had any luck via Google and have tried inserting a streetview basemap onto the inset map but it wouldn't let me zoom in?

Hope this is enough information, and thanks in advance!