SDE features have broken link in outside application, but are fine within ArcMap MXD.

Discussion created by ZJPierce on Jan 9, 2014
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Hello all,

When connecting to an sde connection in ArcMap I have no issues. I can add features and see everything fine. There is no broken source links.

We have software that uses Arc MXD's, and when I open the MXD's in this software the sde features have broken links. All other features ( Shapefile and GDB Feature classes) are fine.  When I try to add the sde layers from within this software I get this error:

!!Couldn't connect to the database.  Please validate the integrity of the database and/or your network connection and try again.!!

Has anyone ever experienced this before? I have tested on other machines and the sde connections are fine. This seems to be an isolated problem to this computer.  Could the SDE DB connection be locked to ArcCatalog and ArcMap only? What other computer security/settings should I look for that could be different than other machines on that network?

**  Using Oracle, direct connect, user: sde  pass: xxx.    Are there any security settings within Arc or on the computer in general that could block a connection like this?