Network Load balancer in ArcGIS Server 10.2

Discussion created by shafi_trumboo on Jan 8, 2014
Currently we are using ArcGIS 10 and we have High availability ArcGIS server architecture in production with windows network load balancing software but we found this is not working fine in scenario

1. We have IIS and SOM working on both machines say web1 and web2. Sometimes for some users there web request lands on web2 and it responds with error although IIS is working fine but our Network load balancer doesn't recognize this behavior. And for other user request is landing on web1 that is responding as per expectations. With the result we found our application was working for some user and for some not. We usually restart ArcGIS Services (SOM and SOC) on other machine (web2)

Question 1: We are going to Migrate to ArcGIS 10.2 can I anticipate this problem again?
Question 1: DO we have any other Network load balancer which can take care of this kind of situations