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DynamicLayerInfos: Changing MinScale Not Working

Question asked by rcoodey on Jan 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by rcoodey
I'm building a little settings dialog window to allow users to dynamically change a few settings, mainly the layers scale and the layers labeling scale. This dialog is working fine for both the labeling min and max scales, and also working fine for the layers max scale. But changing the min scale has no effect though... Is this perhaps a known bug? I have checked over the code numberous times and the DynamicLayerInfos min scale is indeed changing. Perhaps there is something else I am missing? The Layers resolution is min = 0 and max = Infinity.

Here is a code snipet:
Layer.DynamicLayerInfos = Layer.CreateDynamicLayerInfosFromLayerInfos(); foreach (LayerInfo layerInfo in Layer.DynamicLayerInfos) {     layerInfo.MaxScale = MaxLayerScale;     layerInfo.MinScale = MinLayerScale; } Layer.Refresh();

The service layer does live inside a client side GroupLayer, and there are also group layers in the map service. But no settings are being set on the client Group and as the code snipet shows, I am setting the same min on all layers including the groups.

Running the 10.2 API against a 10.1 server.

Thanks a lot for any help or info!