Joins trims and functions

Discussion created by michael3243 on Jan 7, 2014

I'm looking to do something new (for me anyway).  I have a table of data and a shape file.  The table contains the manhole IDs as well as associated data whereas the shape file is the sewer manhole layer.  I want to join these somehow so that only the manholes with those IDs are selected (like in the join command).  I then want to output this as a layer file so that these show up on the map.  I then want to remove all the shapefile data (bar the ID's and the data from the table) from the new layer.  Lastly I want to remove the join from the original shapefile so it is untouched. 

Is this possible to do either with an existing function or by writing a function?  I have barely scratched the surface of arcgis so I'm not sure what's possible.