RE: Creating Spatial Bookmarks - ARCGIS.COM hosted web application

Discussion created by ganeshssac on Jan 6, 2014
Hi GIS folks,
We have built a Web GIS application and it is hosted on website for an organisation. It has a set of users who has got access to the web GIS application on

we have also built the web application with a list of spatial bookmarks for all users. Now, I wanted to do is that for each individual users, when they log on to the web gis application hosted on, the application should only load the spatial bookmarks the user have created, not the one defined by defaults for all the users. By creating this functionality, the user when they log on to application, they will only be seeing the spatial bookmarks created by them and won't be viewing the spatial bookmarks created by other users.

I think, we can create this by looking at the user Credentials  using the Identity manager or so. If anyone has got sample application or better way of doing this, would really be appreciated.