Documentation bugs and suggested changes

Discussion created by kenbuja Champion on Jan 3, 2014
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�?� QueryTask (Constructor detail)[INDENT]The code snippet is incorrect. It uses the wrong module and the function argument doesn't agree with its usage.
  "esri/tasks/QueryTasks", ... 
], function(QueryTasks, ... ) {
  var queryTask = new QueryTask("");  


�?� Layer (AMD page) onUpdateEnd[INDENT]The snippet for this event in the Connect Style section uses the On Style syntax
layer.on("update-end", function (event) {
    if (!event.error == undefined){
        alert("Update complete with error: " + event.error);


Suggested Changes

�?� Concepts: Getting Started: Build your first application[INDENT]This  should default to the AMD style page instead of the legacy page. New  users should be encouraged to learn AMD first, especially since the legacy  style will eventually be depreciated.

�?� Map (AMD page)[INDENT]All  of the snippets (including the "layer-suspend" event!) are  using "connect.connect" to wire events. This should be changed to use "map.on"

�?� Event snippets on AMD pages[INDENT]Just about all of the snippets for the events are shown in the Connect Style Event section. Shouldn't these snippets be moved to the On Style Event section?