Remove connectivity between utility crossings

Discussion created by drose75 on Jan 3, 2014
Hello -

Part of some farmed-out work we had done, every location where one of our water mains crosses another, a "jumper" symbol was placed, and connectivity established.  If you're familiar with connectivity, you know what happened - the mains and symbol were connected, and when a trace is done, it thinks that all the mains are connected, just like a tee fitting.  That's not what we want, and unfortunately we have 1800 of these that need to be fixed.

The process I've found is tedious, and involves a ten-step process to disconnect, remove vertexes, reconnect the mains, and move the symbol back to the intersection without connecting it back to the mains.

Does anybody know a more automated way of doing this?  I don't believe tools needed to perform this exist Toolbox to build a script that will let me do it automatically.