Syncing geodatabase to tablets

Discussion created by jhodel@cloudpointgeo.com on Dec 31, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2013 by crafty762
We have 10 windows tablets running ArcPad and are trying to create an offline syncing environment to the main geodatabase.  We gave up on syncing ArcPad directly the built-in tools so now we are trying a work around.  We are trying to use shapefiles and just sync the features that have changed since the last update (run in background every 24 hours).  After updates are completed, new shapefiles will be exported from the main geodatabase and copied to the tablets.   I am looking at writing an Arcpy script to "Find Identical" features between shapefile and geodatabase then switch the selection.  Has any one done something like this before and recommend what tools to use?