Modify attribute table cell height in ArcMap with ArcObjects

Discussion created by jameschappell on Dec 30, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2013 by msayler
I know it is possible to change the cell height manually through Customize/ArcMap Options but I want to be able to set it programmatically with an add-in I wrote.  There's a handfull of interfaces that deal with formatting the look of the attribute table in ArcMap -- iTableProperty has a property for column width, but nothing I can find exposes the cell height.

Part of the product I produce is an MXD pointing to a file geodatabase with feature classes containing many fields.  Our problem is sometimes we have very long strings of information in text fields that by default are on one line and are very hard (sometimes impossible) to read.  We learned that if we increase the cell height, values with a lot of characters will be wrapped to the next line, which is much easier to read and allows us and our users to see more fields in less space on a monitor.  Interestingly, in the ArcMap Options dialog, the cell height only be set as a percentage of the font size being used.  Not inches? Centimeters?