Perfroming a weighted overaly with multiple rasters....

Discussion created by bryanarn on Dec 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by mbakerDPS
I have been doing some research, and I believe a weighted overlay is going to be my best approach, unless someone has other suggestions...

My situation....we are a crop consulting company in Iowa, and are working on developing management zones for our growers fields based on multiple layers of data. These data layers include spatial yield, soil types/topography, aerial image of bare soil, elevation data, among others. We would like to overlay all of these to produce polygon management zones for each farm. My main question is do all rasters need to have the same cell size for the analysis to work properly?

I'd also welcome any tips or suggestions on how to accomplish this. We ultimately want clean polygons of 5-6 acres each.