creating callouts according to a point featureclass in a file geodatabase

Discussion created by fenwick on Jul 9, 2010
In a file geodatabase I have point featureclass that has a jpeg stored as a raster for each point in the featureclass.  I am planning on creating a script that will cycle through each point in the feature class and to create a callout according to co-ordinates for each point in the featureclass.  This I know can be done by looking through other forum posts, unfortunately the code was not posted when they were asking for help. 
     My question is:  does anyone know if the jpeg for each point can be displayed in the callout or has anyone tried to do this successfully and be willing to share the script?  I have contacted ESRI help about this and was essentially told to individually add each jpeg to the map as a file.  This would work if this was going to be a one time thing and there were only a couple images to add.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.