Callout.isShowing returns false even if callout is visible

Discussion created by sandeepgs on Dec 26, 2013
I am showing a callout on top of a pin.Clicking on a callout i starting an activityForResult and when i get callback from the called activity on my acitvity's onActivityForResult() method i am trying to hide the callout using below code where it returns false even when callout is still visible on the map and i am not able to hide it.While if i try to hide it via same hideCallout() method before starting other activity it works and hides the callout.Please help me why it is not hiding the callout onActivityForResult?
     * Hides callout
    private void hideCallout() {

        if (mapPinCallout != null)
            Log.e(TAG, "is callout showing :" + mapPinCallout.isShowing()); // returns false 
        if (mapPinCallout != null && mapPinCallout.isShowing()) {