Deselecting a geometry will trigger GeometryMoved problem

Discussion created by eva2002 on Dec 26, 2013
Hi all,

I have a GraphicsLayer (glShape) on my map where all my shapes is contained and a EditGeometry (egShapes). I need to know how much the shapes has moved, rotate or scaled and then use these value to compute some stuff.

1) I notice before we can get the updated coordinates, we need to trigger egShapes.StopEdit() method.
Is there a way to get the updated coordinates without calling StopEdit() method.

2) Besides this, I also notice whenever I deselect a shape (click on a shape that already has StartEdit() triggered), it will trigger the action "GeometryMoved" in egShapes_EditGeometry event even if I didn't move a single inch (just select and deselect).
Is there a way to know that it is triggered by deselecting a shape?

Thanks in advance.