.lyr find data source lost

Discussion created by pierre.weisse on Dec 26, 2013
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I have a folder with lyr.

I want to know the lyr. With lost data sources. Like this script:

import arcpy
path = r "C: \ Project"
for fileName in os.listdir (path):
     fullPath = os.path.join (path, fileName)
     if os.path.isfile (fullPath):
         basename, extension = os.path.splitext (fullPath)
         if extension == "mxd."
             mxd = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument (fullPath)
             print "MXD:" + fileName
             brknList arcpy.mapping.ListBrokenDataSources = (mxd)
             for brknItem in brknList:
                 print "\ t" + brknItem.name
del mxd

Anyone know how to adapt?