Empty Geometry and the Resample Command

Discussion created by admarti9 on Dec 26, 2013
Hello All,

I am working on a project where I am to calculate the average temperature within various administrative boundaries. One issue that has arisen is that the temperature data, a global raster dataset, being used is rather coarse. So, there is significant disagreement between the pixels and the administrative maps at their boundaries. To correct this issue, I would like to weight the periphery pixels less than an administrative level's interior pixels.

One method I am using to implement this correction is by disaggregating the temperature raster to a smaller resolution then calculating the simple mean over a given administrative boundary. I have attempted the disaggregation process through the Resample and Resize command, however, I receiving an error stating "The operation was attempted on an empty geometry". This has confused me to no end! If anyone has suggestions why this may be occurring or alternative methods of achieving my goal, I would be, as they say, a "happy camper".