Moderators and MVPs: Thanks for using the Trash forum! :-)

Discussion created by jbarry-esristaff Employee on Dec 26, 2013
A hearty and appreciative thanks to all the MVPs and Moderators for taking the initiative for finding threads and posts that are clearly spam and moving them into the Trash forum. It was a great idea, and it's working.

I sincerely and personally apologize for the delays in emptying this Trash forum. I underestimated how upset this might make people that we have not been emptying it regularly and often. Frankly, I figured that once threads are moved there they are gone and no longer in anyone's way, and no longer interfere with the use of the forums by the community. However, I do understand now that the Trash forum not being emptied regularly might actually discourage Moderators from moving things there.

That said, I expect those threads to be there at least another few days while we process, notify, (and in many cases cancel) the accounts that created them.