Calculate centroid problem

Discussion created by neilw01 on Dec 24, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2013 by Dan_Patterson
I am trying to calculate the x,y centroids for a parcel layer. The parcels are stored in SP coordinates but I want the centroids to be in LL decimal degrees. When I calc the LATs (y coordinates) everything works fine but when I calc the LONGS (x coordinates) the resulting values are -100 for every parcel. This is if I perform the calc outside of an edit session. If I calc them in an edit session the values look correct, but when I close and save the edits the values get reset to -100. I am using the built in Calculate Geometry functionality to do this.

I've performed this operation successfully many times and never encountered this problem. I've even performed it successfully on the unaltered version of this very dataset. However the original parcel dataset had pieces with duplicate attributes due to the parcels being split by roads, so I dissolved the layer based on the parcel ID's which resulted in a new layer with the pieces consolidated into multipart geometry. This is the dataset I am trying to calc. Could this be a factor?

ArcGIS 9.2