Hold Notifications

Discussion created by tfurcron on Dec 23, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2014 by tbello-esristaff
I have set up a in workflow manager version 10.1, to get hold notifications each time a job is put on hold. But I am struggling to figure out how to include the comments of that hold with the notification email.

Has anyone else done something similar? I have seen threads about not being able to do this with related table which the jtx_Job_holds table I assume is, but it is able to pull the hold number.

any help is greatly appreciated!!  

Below is what I have so far.

    <title>Hold [HOLD]</title>
    <p>Hold [HOLD]</p>
    <p>added by [SYS:CUR_LOGIN] to Job [JOB:ID] </p>
    <p>Work Order # [JOB: DESCRIPTION]</p>                     
    <p>[HOLD_COMMENTS]</P>  (this is where I would like to have the comments from the holds table)