Finding a parcel via the address

Discussion created by atheokas on Jul 9, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2010 by gilest
One huge advantage to JavaScript is the amount of code available online. And, with minor modifications, this code can be grafted into your own web service's functionality. But there is one operation I have been unable to find . Because it is so basic in nature I assume that it must be available somehere! What I am looking for is a JavaScript API that will zoom the viewer to an urban parcel after having first provided the street address (St no - St Name - St name Suf)

From that point one can acquire the parcel ID and any other basic information as would be found in an assessing map. It seems that there are several options to do the reverse - find a parcel once the parcel ID is found. But ususally the address is known and not the parcel number. If anyone can point me to such a site where the code might be available I will greatly appreciate it. Many thanks.