Remove clusters of raster data that do not overlap a lat/long point

Discussion created by quantumsawdust on Dec 22, 2013
I have a raster of 1s and 0s (easily could make 1s and nulls). In every file (these are not very large), there is one cluster of 1s that is of interest - but there are often extra unneeded clusters (anywhere from 1 cell large to larger than the cluster of interest).

I also have access to a set of points (lat/long), and each cluster of interest is guaranteed to overlap one of the points. The other clusters will not overlap any points.

Is there a way to automatically exclude clusters that are not overlapping a point? A way to test if a cell is over, or connected to a cell that is over, a lat/long coordinate?

If not, are there any other possible solutions, other than masking each important cluster by hand?