Dissolve Syntax (Statistics)

Discussion created by cjdickerson on Dec 20, 2013
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Hey People,

I have been working on trying to perform a large dissolve analysis using statistics within my script.  I can get a simple dissolve to work with with doing statistics for one field but not multiple fields.  The resource center doesn't have any examples of using statistics for the dissolve (data management).  I need to do the dissolve a few different times but it would be a chore to manually setup 39 fields for statistics.  I am looking for a little help on syntax of my code snippet.  See the code below:

arcpy.Dissolve_management("DAT_263_49_13_wD", "A:/Projects/Location-Allocation/Final_Output/District49.shp", "N_Dist_ID", "'ORG_NO_ID COUNT';
'HIO_Total SUM';'MIO_Total SUM';'MIC_HAR SUM';'MIC_Industry SUM';'SWR_RY1 SUM';'SWR_RY2 SUM';'SWR_RY3 SUM';'Used_total SUM';'AA SUM';'AA_50k SUM';
'Core SUM';'Core_50k SUM';'Hispanic SUM';'Hispanic_50k SUM';'Women SUM';'Women_50k SUM';'Young_Adult SUM';'Young_Adult_50k SUM';'Asian SUM';
'Asian_50k SUM';'Nat_Amer SUM';'Nat_Amer_50k SUM';'Unknown SUM';'Sum SUM';'S_BMW SUM';'S_CanAM SUM';'S_Ducati SUM';'S_Honda SUM';
'S_Indian SUM';'S_Kawasaki SUM';'S_KTM SUM';'S_PGroup SUM';'S_PVictory SUM';'S_Suzuki SUM';'S_Triumph SUM';'S_Yamaha SUM';'S_T_CompDlrs SUM';'PnA_Total SUM';'GM_Total SUM'","MULTI_PART","DISSOLVE_LINES")

(added spaces for the sake of reading the code)

I have also tried just using double quote instead of single quotes and no quotes inside of the a pair of double quotes.  Let me know if this makes since and I can provide more info if needed.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I would be very thankful.