Resampling a 1m resolution raster to 30m raster(s) while preserving the original data

Discussion created by ebodnaruk on Dec 20, 2013
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Hi ArcGIS users,

I have a 1m resolution land cover map with 5 land cover classes.  I would like to end up with 5 separate maps each at a 30m resolution that indicates the fraction of each land cover type it contains. 

So for a given block of 900 pixels (corresponding to 30 x 30) if I had  300, 200, 175, 150, and 75 pixels of each respective land cover type, I would want:

Raster 1:  First cell to have value of 300/900
Raster 2:  First cell to have value of 200/900
Raster 3:  175/900
Raster 4:  150/900
Raster 5:  75/900

Then of course this would have to be performed for the entire map.  So if I had 9 million pixels (9 million square meter study area) I would end up with (9 million divided by 900 =) 10,000 pixels in each of my new rasters. 

I also have a separate raster at a 30 m resolution that I want my new final rasters to conform to spatially. 

I'd appreciate any advice on how to carry this out.  Thanks!