what do usage statistics - views and requests - actually mean?

Discussion created by andyinscotland on Dec 19, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by andysp
On AGOL you can get figures on the views of your web maps. But what exactly does it mean? You can also click on usage for a feature class and get number of  requests. AGOL help says;

"Requests is useful for understanding the number of clients using your service over a period of time."

Does this mean unique individuals? Is a request under this dialogue the same measure as "views" under the map summary? My map has 17,000 views but the feature class that feeds it says 26,000 views. Why the difference?

In days gone by we used to report "hits" to our website as an indicator of usage but in fact this could be wildly misleading. It would be good to know how ESRI count their requests and views.