Is it a bug? Editing non versioned data

Discussion created by gis_master on Dec 19, 2013
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Hi all,
I have a non-versioned FC called FC1

I load it into ArcMap as the only layer present in an MXD. I try to start an editing session and, as expected, the applications tells me that I have no editable layers.

I load another FC in the same mxd, it's called FC2. It's a registered as versioned  FC.
I start an editing session. I have no warning message because I selected the correct workspace I want to edit (the FC2 one).
Well, now I am able to change and save FC1 attributes(the non-versioned one), too. I am still not able to modify geometries.

I know that I am editing the base tables of FC1 (no delta tables becuase FC1 is not registered as versioned). I checked the results through SQLDEVELOPER and the base table has changed.

Is it a normal behaviour?

The platform is
SDE 10.1 SP1 in Direct Connection
Oracle 11g
ArcMap 10.1 SP1