Load data and preserve GlobalID values

Discussion created by maniksundaram on Dec 18, 2013
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I am trying to load data from different File GeoDBs into SDE. They have the same schema with GlobalID column.
I referred the ESRI sample ( )  to change the GlobalID to GUID type. I followed approach 1 (Convert between GlobalID and GUID columns (approach 1).

As per the ESRI documentation , After the conversion I should be able to append/load data from FGDB with the existing GUID values.
Notes from the documentation,
"Once the columns are converted, you can copy the feature classes or tables, or start loading data.
If you are loading data, you can use data loading tools in ArcGIS, such as the append geoprocessing tool or the simple data loader in ArcCatalog. These tools can map source GUID and GlobalID columns to the target GUID column that you previously converted. They also support loading from any geodatabase source including file geodatabases and personal geodatabases."

But after converting the column to GUID type, the "Append tool" (executed manually with - NO_TEST option ) is populating "{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}" for all the records. "Load Data" (Object loader) tool is not showing the GUID field in field mapping dialogue.

   Append tool failed if "TEST" options is given
   The converted GUID field is not editable in AraMap.

Anyone has solution/suggestion for this issue?
Thanks ,