Spatial Statistcs

Discussion created by matthew_friesen on Dec 18, 2013
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Hello. I am currently working on a project involving calculating a risk assessment on defined locations based on an arbitrary rank scheme which I have created. I have completed the previous task and am now attempting to calculate statistics on each zone to show the what percent of the total value each zone contains. I am running into 2 problems when attempting to complete this task; the first problem is that I have calculated statistics based on the mean, max and sum value in each zone. Only the max statistic creates a raster output with a attribute table. The second problem is that the output for that statistic groups each zone by the corresponding max value and not by zone. I would like to take the statistic I have calculated within each zone (sum, mean and max) and show what percent of the total of all zones it represents, and describe this using a number in percent within each zone, and a pie chart. Thank you.