harmonization of spatial references for my data.

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Currently I work in the harmonization of spatial references for my data.

I work with ArcSDE .

I found a script provided by the ESRI Resource Center , allowing me to list all spatial references for the feature classes.

import arcpy
from arcpy import env

# Set the workspace environment
env.workspace = r'Connexions databases \ srv- arcsde.recif.nc @ sde.sde '
# Get a list of the feature classes in the input folder
fcs = arcpy.ListFeatureClasses ()

# Loop through the list
for fc in fcs :
    # Create the spatial reference object
    sr = arcpy.Describe ( fc ) . SpatialReference

    # If the spatial reference is unknown
    if sr.name == " Unknown " :
        print fc + "has an unknown spatial reference \ n"

    # Otherwise , print out the feature class name and
    # Spatial reference
        print fc + " :" + sr.name + "\ n"

However I need to have a script to compile the same result for games feature classes.

Looking for a script allowing me to achieve a similar result for raster and a second script for the DataSet.

Thank you for your help