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Historic traffic data in StreetMap Premium? Or Data Dictionary for its tables?

Question asked by dmede on Dec 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by graynic
I've recently installed StreetMap Premium 2013 release 2 (NavTeq) in our lab. It's being used for network analysis tasks that require detailed traffic speeds based on time of day.

The SMP data is supposed to have historic traffic information but I don't see of those fields in the Streets.sdc layer or any of the other street or road layers in the data. I do see two tables that look like they may have time of day traffic info: Patterns and Streets_Patterns.

The problem is, there is no metadata showing in ArcCatalog and the online help page provided for SMP does not list these tables in the Data Dictionary.

I have a help call in to Esri but I'm hoping a user here may already have dealt with this issue.

Where do I find the historic traffic data in StreetMap Premium? And where is the Data Dictionary for those tables?

Any help is greatly appreciated!