Getting information from the Silverlight viewer using Python only

Discussion created by trudnick on Dec 17, 2013
I have an interesting problem.... I have the ability to use Python and only Python for any sort of add-on to the out of the box ArcGIS Silverlight Viewer.  I'm not able to modify the underlying Silverlight code or write add-ons in SL.  I've managed so far with published GP tools.  However, there are things I'd like to be able to do that I can't figure out.

My main issues at the moment are with the Map Contents.  Yes, I understand this is a Silverlight object, and is typically manipulated inside the SL app.  However, I am wondering if there is a way to get at the live layer information information and update it using JSON and Python?  I've been trying to figure out if there is a 'live' JSON that I can grab with Python, and whether this JSON can be updated in order to do things like change visibility of layers, remove map layers from the app, etc. 

Any thoughts?  Even being able to see what layers the user currently has turned on or off would be helpful (not just what is set as default in the map service).

Thanks in advance....

Tami O