Raster-Polygon Boundary Disagreement and Spatial Weighting

Discussion created by admarti9 on Dec 17, 2013
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Hello All,

I am working on a project that requires me to find the mean temperature (using a Raster dataset) of some location (a Polygon). However, since the boundaries of these polygons have curvature, it they will not fully contain the periphery pixels. That is, portions of the boundary pixels lie outside of the polygon.

So I ask, from a greenhorn, self trained ArcGIS user to you experts, how do I prevent the periphery pixels from receiving the same weight as the interior pixels of a polygon? Is there a simple way (i.e. in the ArcGIS toolbox or an extension toolbox) of doing this? I hope the answer to the latter is yes since this project will require Python to repeat this process several thousand times.

Thank you for any help you may provide.

- A

Note: I have seen the Geospatial Modelling Environment from spatialecology which allegedly solves the above problem. However, the package does not seem "Python friendly" (although not impossible to incorporate in). So if there are alternative suggestions, I am all ears.