Tables in FGDB not accessable via Python

Discussion created by TomGeo on Dec 17, 2013
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I have a problem with a FGDB...
When I open ArcGIS then I can see all the tables inside the database (ArcCatalog) and can load them (ArcMap). However, when using a Python script the 'arcpy.ListTables_management()' comes back with a length of 0. I have tons of tables in that database, but non is recognized! I tried to recover the database, but when the recovery process was finished a good amount of the tables haven't had the original name anymore but have been called 'table' and a running number was added!!! - Recover didn't help at all.

I marked all tables in ArcCatalog (Can somebody tell me why this alone takes several minutes?) and copied all of them into a pristine FGDB. All tables made it over there and I can use them in ArcGIS, however... arcpy doesn't find a single one in the database - again!

I can do this in external Python scripts or within ArcGIS and the Python window!

We are talking about 38.000 tables a various size. There is no lock on the database or what so ever. ArcGIS was restarted a couple of times, the Windows system was restarted several times, It's a Windows 7 with all the recent updates provided via the update mechanism of Microsoft. This is simply frustrating, since ArcGIS is already really slow in creating all these tables. That I have to create all these tables is another thing that I don't want to address here.

Anybody, has a solution or advice for me on how to get my data processed?