Agent Analyst - creating different agents by using a constructor doesn't work

Discussion created by Lomi89 on Dec 15, 2013

in my agent environment there are female, male and infant cougars.
Each of them has an own agent class.

Now i want the female cougars to get some infants.
Therefore I have to create a new object of the agent class "InfantCougar".
So i tried to use the Constructor InfantCougar() in an action of the female cougar, but
it doesn't work.

There doesn't occur an error, but there also hasn't been created
a new object in my agent environment. I think there is no access to create one agent
in an action of another agent. I work in Agent Analyst without using ArcGIS.
This also doesn't work with an init() action in the infant class, because of missing access.
In this case the program even stops. How can I change the rights and access?

So please somebody can help me?
I would be very thankful.